What is a Tip?

What Is A Tip?
A tip is a payment sent or received using your social wallet.

Send a tip:
  • to a friend because you owe them.
  • to show appreciation when someone helps you.
  • to pay someone for their work.
  • to a tipping bucket for group payments, donations, or to help a friend.
  • and the list goes on . . . .

Tipping Buckets
Tipping buckets hold payment contributions and are shared through social networking. You can create a tipping bucket for a birthday gift and share it with your friends and family. Request contributions for parties, weddings, sport clubs, fundraisers, or any other event.

Tipping buckets are also used in the social help network and can be created by anyone that needs to raise money for a specific need or cause. Tipping buckets are passed around the social tipping circles so we can help one another. See how it works in the example below.

Space Camp Example
Let's say you open a tipping bucket with a $600 goal for your nephew who wants to go to space camp. Space camp costs $800 and you need $600 more to make his dream a reality. You create a tipping bucket and spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, your blogs, and email. You quickly notice the social buzz among your friends and family that help out by tipping your bucket and sharing their comments about how great you are to do this for your nephew. They share your tipping bucket with their social connections and before you know it, you will have reached your goal of $600 and will be able to send your nephew to space camp!