API Documentation

TippingCircle API Endpoints
Below you'll find a list of available endpoints for API integration.
    Top Level API Calls

    oAuth Methods
  • /request_token     (GET)   Authenticate to the API.
  • /signInUser     (POST)   Authenticate a user to access Low Level API Calls.
  • /signUp     (POST)   Register a new user.

  • Non oAuth Methods
    oAuth is not required for these methods that get information that is already publicly accessible on our website.  Simply provide your consumer_key to identify yourself to get the data.
  • /getUser     (GET)   Get user information.
  • /getBuckets     (GET)   Get tipping bucket data.
  • /circle     (GET)   Get a user's tipping circle.
  • /transactions     (GET)   Get a user's transaction history.
  • /getPreapprovalKey     (GET)   Gets a preapproval key for the user.   Special permission required.
  • /getSocialAuthUrl     (GET)   Gets the redirect_uri to initiate an authentication through a social network.

  • Low Level API Calls
    The user must first authenticate through /signInUser to call these protected methods.

  • /updateUser     (POST)   Update user information.   Special permission required.
  • /tip     (POST)   Send or request a tip.   Special permission required.
  • /completePreapproval     (POST)   Completes a preapproval request.   Special permission required.