Tipping Fees

With TippingCircle, you can exchange money with just about anyone at home or on the go using our easy to use secure apps.  TippingCircle uses PayPal to process all payments.  Money sent to you is deposited directly into your PayPal account.  If any fees apply, they are deducted from each payment in real-time so you'll never need to worry about getting billed or owing us any money.

When It's FREE and when there's a FEE
FREE   to have an account.
FREE   to process personal tips funded by a PayPal balance or bank account.
FEE      for personal tips funded by a credit or debit card.
FEE      for purchase payments and fundraiser donations.
phone app
for a small fee
Here it is straight up.  For non-personal tips, we scrape a tiny 10¢ convenience fee off the top and the rest is the PayPal fee.
Some Examples

Micropayment $5 Tip   (PayPal fee = 5% + 5¢)
The fee for a $5 tip is 40¢   ((5 * .05) + 5¢ + 10¢)
Our micro fees save you 15¢ on a $5 tip!
$5 Tip   (PayPal fee = 2.9% + 30¢)
The fee for a $5 tip is 55¢   ((5 * .029) + 30¢ + 10¢)
$20 Tip   (PayPal fee = 2.9% + 30¢)
The fee for a $20 tip is 98¢   ((20 * .029) + 30¢ + 10¢)
fee chart

We pay your PayPal fee for you
Some people get confused when they login to PayPal and see that TippingCircle received the total fee amount.  However, we paid the PayPal fee for you and kept the 10¢ that was left over.  See a visual of this.

Tipping Bucket Fundraising Fees
Tipping buckets for fundraisers charge a 4.5% fee per tip and group payment bucket fees are the same as the regular tipping fees outlined above and free for personal tips.  There are many benefits to fundraising with TippingCircle using our Social Help Network.

Some of the benefits when fundraising with Tipping Buckets include:
Tipping Bucket
  • check   Notifications are automatically sent out to those in your tipping circle.
  • check   Buckets display in other people's "Active Buckets" list in the Social Help Network.
  • check   Getting donations from corporate and humanitarian organizations that want to sponsor your cause with matching funds.